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Our Associates

North Star Facilitators would be delighted to help you find just the right type of activity, workshop or intervention.  You can find out more about our company and Barbara by clicking on About above.  We often work with other skilled facilitators, including the following people below:


Rangineh Azimzadeh Tosang

Rangineh Azimzadeh Tosang’s passion for conflict resolution, facilitation and mediation have positioned her to do work internationally (including Cyprus and the West Bank) as well as domestically in these key areas. She has focused the majority of her studies and practical experience crafting her specialization in working with groups in conflict.  She has created the company Solh Resolutions International, a consulting company aimed at creating systemic change that translates into peaceful processes, global resolutions to conflict, and meaningful international impact.


Marem Flores

Maria Remedios "Marem" Flores is a Program Analyst/Regional Business Specialist-Healthcare for WorkSource Oregon, a statewide network of public and private partners dedicated to stimulating job growth and community development by connecting businesses and workers with the resources they need to succeed. She comes to Oregon by way of the Philippines and Australia. Before she moved to the USA and started with WorkSource, she connected people and businesses in Australia with development projects in the Philippines. She thrives in roles that get people and projects successfully collaborating and creating synergy together. Marem's most recent project with WorkSource was being the Regional On-The-Job Training (OJT) Coordinator where she worked in partnership with the local employment offices and training providers in getting new and existing employers and jobseekers from Washington and Multnomah counties to benefit from the OJT program. She enjoys visually capturing ideas through sketchnoting (her handwritten notes are legendary) and can be counted on to conduct interviews, create presentations, and craft articles with enthusiasm and a facilitative spirit.


Sandra Jackson

Sandra is a member of North Star Facilitators Diversity Facilitation Mentoring Cohort. She has completed the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) Technology of Participation (ToP®) Group Facilitation Methods & Strategic Planning training, as well as various other facilitation workshops and training. Sandra has co-facilitated a variety of strategic planning workshops and co-presented at the 2011 IAF Conference. She is a trained mediator and a member of Oregon Mediation Association (OMA). She has attended numerous mediation and conflict resolution conferences, seminars, and workshops. She is a volunteer mediator for the Multnomah County Small Claims Court Mediation program. She also does volunteer neighborhood mediation for East Metro Mediation.


Shane Sasnow

Shane Sasnow, founder of Forward Motion Facilitation, has practiced strategy and innovation facilitation since 2008 and currently trains innovation and strategic thinking methods. He has a Masters of Science in Creativity, Creative Problem Solving, and Change Leadership from the International Center for Studies in Creativity from Buffalo State College in Buffalo NY. His Bachelor's degree from the University of Washington in Seattle was in Creative Processes, it focused on understanding creative compositional techniques (digital media, writing, music, graphic design) through the lenses of psychology and philosophy.  His company, Forward Motion, engages public, private, and nonprofit organizations to purposefully envision and create positive future states at the global, national, regional, city, organizational, community, and individual levels. They create enterprises that focus on the strategic development and deployment of social and government innovations and industry inventions that serve to better the lot of mankind and mitigate the negative impacts of global change.


Eunice Shankland

Eunice Shankland, owner of Shankland and Associates LLC, an independent consulting firm with thirty years of international and US experience based in Centennial, CO.  Eunice is a professional trainer and facilitator and a founding member of the International Association of Facilitators. She is a Technology of Participation (ToP®) Mentor Trainer for the Institute of Cultural Affairs and has served as one of its Directors. Eunice currently works with organizations, associations, agencies, businesses, and United Nations agencies in the U.S. and internationally. Eunice uses group facilitation methods to develop business models that make the organization responsive to the changing demands of their clients. She believes in the power of eliciting the group’s collective genius that enables them to adapt to the changing demands of their clients.


Lilian Wang

Born in Beijing, educated in Hong Kong and Germany, Lilian is a Certified Professional Facilitator and Assessor of IAF. She has designed and delivered leadership and coaching programmes, strategic planning and team development workshops for clients across the region. She also works in conjunction with organization development consultancy to facilitate system and cultural change programmes for all levels of staff. Lilian has a well-developed sense of intuition, and she also works towards integrating studies of oriental culture/ philosophy and Enneagram into her coaching and facilitation practice. Clients value Lilian for her ability in sustaining a highly engaging and motivating learning environment, which then enable authentic conversations, flow of creative ideas, deeper reflection and understanding, and ultimately personal/team transformation.


Judy Weddle

Judy Weddle and I have been co-training the ToP Facilitation Methods and Strategic Planning courses for more than 10 years. Judy is a professional facilitator and trainer with the Technology of Participation (ToP) Network in Chicago, Illinois, which provides facilitation and training services with organizations and communities across the United States and around the world. She has extensive experience facilitating and training with government, not-for-profit, educational and business organizations. She is particularly experienced in designing and delivering strategic planning events for government and training and facilitation events for educators, corporate groups, community planning events, and leadership programs.


Yvonne Yam

Born in Shanghai, raised in Hong Kong, and educated in the United States and Japan, Yvonne was APAC Change Manager for an electronics, automation and control components distributor, focusing on SAP implementations. In this capacity, Yvonne facilitated multiple cross-functional and cross-geographic meetings to transform the businesses from “local” to “global”, drive engagement, communicate change, and promote cross-team/cross-cultural collaboration, in Japan, ANZ, Southeast Asia and Greater China. Prior to and after her in- house role, Yvonne had facilitated strategic alignment, cross-team collaboration and team building interventions for MNCs, NGOs and local schools. Yvonne is known for her highly energetic, passionate and engaging facilitation style.

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