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International Association of Facilitators (IAF)

A participatory organization with members in more than 65 countries. As a professional association, we set internationally accepted industry standards, provide accreditation, support a community of practice, advocate and educate on the power of facilitation and embrace the diversity of facilitators.

Institute of Cultural Affairs International (ICA)

The Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) is a global community of non-profit organisations advancing human development worldwide. ICA is about empowering, an authentic and sustainable transformation of individuals, communities and organizations, through methods and values. Processes of social change often engender conflict between those who want to perpetuate the past and those who want to change the future. We stand in the center in order to facilitate a transition, both honoring the past and building consensus for future change.

Institute of Cultural Affairs – USA

The mission of the Institute of Cultural Affairs (USA) is to build a just and equitable society in harmony with Planet Earth through empowering cultural dimensions of the social process. ICA programs strengthen the capacities of organizations, communities, and individuals to build and implement innovative plans of action that draw upon assets and social capital in a collaborative manner.

ICA Associates – Canada

ICA Associates Inc. is one of 34 ICA’s around the world that are making a difference in organizations, governments and communities. Our network includes thousands of trainees across Canada, hundreds of facilitators and colleagues who believe that every individual in every organization has enormous capacity and potential to be released.

Technology of Participation (ToP)

ToP provides training, utilizing structured methods to enhance one’s facilitation and leadership skills. Structured facilitation methods to help groups think, talk and work together. Methods that: Recognize and honor contributors; Deal with more data in less time; Pool individual contributions into useful patterns; Welcome diversity and minimize conflict. ToP Training is part of The Institute of Cultural Affairs in the U.S.A. (ICA), as well as the ToP Network.

ToP Network

The ToP Network is a membership association of ToP practitioners, qualified trainers, Certified ToP Facilitators (CTFs), and ToP course graduates—who want to deepen their understanding of Technology of Participation (ToP)® methods and engage in ongoing professional activities. The mission of the ToP Network is to transfer excellence in ToP facilitation and training by supporting members’ professional development, continually innovating methods and curricula, and maintaining ToP training as a core competency.

International Forum of Visual Practitioners (IFVP)

Visual practitioners are a diverse group of professionals who employ a variety of tools and methods, including custom visuals, diagrams, illustrations, storyboards, visual agendas, mapping systems, images, icons, drawings, multimedia, and more to capture information, communicate ideas, and stimulate creative thinking. As our world becomes more visual, especially in the digital realm, visual tools and strategies become more powerful. Joining the International Forum of Visual Practitioners (IFVP) connects you with visual practitioners across the globe. You’ll have full access to the marketing, educational, and networking tools on the IFVP website.

International Association for Public Participation

IAP2 is an international association of members who seek to promote and improve the practice of public participation in relation to individuals, governments, institutions, and other entities that affect the public interest in nations throughout the world. IAP2 carries out its mission by organizing and conducting activities to: serve the learning needs of members through events, publications, and communication technology; advocate for public participation throughout the world; promote a results-oriented research agenda and use research to support educational and advocacy goals; provide technical assistance to improve public participation.