Strategic Planning

Are you used to boring, lengthy Strategic Planning sessions?

Clients rave about their experience with ToP Strategic Planning. It is efficient, effective and fun.
A 2-day Strategic Planning session will create a plan that is realistic, achievable and easy to monitor!

There are many reasons why an organization may come to the conclusion that strategic planning is necessary. At the root of all strategic planning is change; and extreme change often creates chaos and an uncomfortable transition time. Strategic planning with North Star Facilitators can transform that time of uncertainty to a time of excitement. We do this by helping organizations become more focused, communicate with clarity and create a solid sense of direction.


Why Strategic Planning?

• Increased effectiveness

• Increased efficiency

• Improved understanding and better learning

When is There a Need for Strategic Planning?

• Structural Changes – Your organization has recently acquired, been acquired or merged with other departments or organizations. When this happens you need to bring together different cultures, address mis-trust and often adjust your mission statement.

• Economic Changes – Your organization has recently had a significant increase or decrease in funding. You want to show potential funding sources that their investment will have a large positive community impact.

• Policy Changes – Your board or senior leadership teams have decided to address a social or health issue you haven’t focused on before. Or, you are focusing on a new target group, product or service.

What Does Strategic Planning Answer?

• What is going on in our environment that we need to be responsive to?

• Where do we hope to be in the future?

• What stops us from getting there?

• How do we get from here to there?

• Who will do which actions and when

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  • Two Day Strategic Planning Process:

If your organization has never created a strategic plan, or your organization has experienced significant structural, economic and policy changes, you will probably benefit from our two day strategic planning process.

  • The P.A.T.H. Process:

When you only have a half day to “kick off” a planning effort, this short and powerful graphic planning process called P.A.T.H. is excellent for individuals or groups about to begin a project or explore a new life/work direction. Create a plan in just 3 hours!