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Since 1995, North Star Facilitators has worked with hundreds of clients from the corporate, non-profit, indigenous and government sectors in a wide variety of cultures and regions.

Barbara MacKay, founder of North Star Facilitators is located in Victoria, BC, Canada (Pacific Time Zone), but is now passing work on to many Associates located around world. Our associates provide:

  • facilitation to help you think and work more effectively together.
  • training and mentoring to develop exemplary, leading-edge facilitation skills.


You want your organization and teams to adapt and work through complex change so you can continue to be mission focused. We bring together the right people, ask you thoughtful questions, and guide you with processes that help you break down complex issues into simple, manageable chunks.

We guide groups to work strategically and implement practical, motivating goals. At this moment, we are especially passionate about helping the world achieve social and racial justice and resolve climate change issues. We work in teams around the world to ensure great success. 

Do you want to create a new future?

Are you needing to integrate a new leader or members?

Do you need to involve many diverse stakeholders?


Do you need virtual or face to face facilitation training?


We have mentored dozens of budding new facilitators and those with decades of experience around the globe. Each person has a unique need, competency set and desire to grow and develop further in their skill as a process facilitator.  We spend a short time getting to know your needs, and deciding how we will proceed with the mentoring. Generally each hour long session is geared towards improving your proposal or agenda to work with a particular client or group situation. Imagine if you felt supremely confident with every group you facilitated. You invested in yourself and you ensured their success. That is what we strive to do by mentoring you.  You can buy mentoring by the hour or by the block.  Barbara is your primary mentor.  Others may assist as needed. After each session, we generally send you the recording and notes and often share free “how to” resources related to your specific group need.  You might also consider having your PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope) done at the start of your mentoring program.

Are you ready to feel confident as an excellent process facilitator?

Which is right for you?

Email us to explore what you need and jointly decide whether it makes sense to explore the next step together. If not, we are glad to refer you to another trusted resource. Sometimes you just need an unbiased person to listen. We are happy to do that.