Sacred Journey of the Facilitative Leader

Sacred Journey of the Facilitative Leader

This course is offered as an in-house course and occasionally as a public course. Next course (date to be determined) will be offered north of Winnipeg, Manitoba at the five star Hecla Island retreat center. This course is also customized as an in-house course.

Course Description

Join us for a restorative and transformative facilitative leader retreat in gorgeous Oceanside Oregon or at a retreat location of your choice. You will share your journey with other experienced facilitators and/or those wishing to be more facilitative in their leadership style. This is designed to be a true retreat experience to explore and deepen your own personal journey as a facilitative leader. Some facilitation or leadership training and experience is required. A choice of drumming, sacred symbol work, journaling, nature walks, yoga and meditation will be included in the course.

Course generally runs for five days from Monday 10 a.m. to Friday 3 p.m.


By taking this five day interactive course, participants will:

  • Learn about their own facilitator and leadership strengths and how to draw more skillfully on those strengths with clients, colleagues and community members
  • Deepen their personal understanding and awareness of how commitment to a facilitative leadership lifestyle affects self and others
  • Enhance understanding and competence in skillful group process & participation
  • Deepen understanding and skill in creation of meaningful decision-making and consensus development in group settings
  • Better understand the dynamics of facilitation and the life journey, structure and culture change of organizations
  • Move closer to mastery in designing short and multiple day facilitated meetings
  • For those who desire, begin the journey of seeking professional facilitator certification through attention to the international standards of facilitator competencies and ethics of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF)

Your Facilitator Guides:

Shelley Stump, JD, Certified Professional Facilitator and Teacher of Ancient Wisdom, and Barbara MacKay, MS and Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF© and assessor for facilitators world-wide), two skilled facilitators and teachers with over 50 years of combined experience in facilitation, leadership, teaching facilitative leadership, and personal healing work.

Course Cost:

$1245 US per person in Oregon plus accommodation – Includes all meals (some catered by excellent chef) in a stimulating and nurturing setting overlooking the Pacific Ocean or if an in-house at a location of your choice, price to be determined. At Hecla Island, Manitoba also, price to be set.