Where do I Start?

where do i startMany of you were telling us that you didn’t know where to start or which courses to take in your ongoing journey toward a globally competent facilitator. Since we’ve been developing our virtual trainings, it is (a bit) like going to one of those huge self-serve grocery stores in North America (we know that is an exaggeration) and there are so many choices! So we do not want you walk out with items which you did not really need.  So here is a quick assessment to help you navigate your way through the many choices we offer.

or Facilitator Tools Modules

  • Need better meetings: I have a little experience – I am pressed for time – I want to learn with others.
    Try This –> Meetings that Rock virtual online or in-person course. We also offer this as an in-house 1.5 -2.0 day course.
  • Want more confidence in workshop design:  I have some to lots of experience – I  like to learn with others or on my own time.
    Try This –> Our Five Elements of Facilitation Design online or in-person course. We also offer this as a 2 day in-house course.
  • Want to learn a specific tool/theory/technique: I know quite a few tools but I’ve heard about others and don’t know how to use them. I like to learn on my own time.
    Try This –> Try our Facilitator Tools Modules