5 Elements Chicago

What: 1 day workshop on process design
For: Facilitators, leaders, adult educators, mediators, coaches, and OD Consultants
Why: You want to go deeper with your groups with more success and less effort and do this every time. You want to deepen your presence as a facilitator.
When: Monday, June 24 – 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM.
Where: The ICA Center – 4750 N. Sheridan Rd. , Chicago, Illinois 60640
Cost: $325.00


What is Unique About This?

A process framework that is creative and easy to use.

Learn the framework and apply it to a real life example so you understand
its application to facilitation, consulting, training, and curriculum design.

The earth element – Learn how to create stability, depth and cohesion in your design factoring it in early and at critical stages of any event.

The water element – Experience the importance of flow and transparency. What tools, tips and processes do you use to keep the water element flowing throughout?

The fire element – How do you give a group significant spark when it is lagging?  How can we create warmth and coziness of a fire? What do you say or do when fire energy gets out of control?

The air element – How do you let freshness of air circulate?  How do you “cool” a group or clear out old redundant thinking as needed? What specific tools have the air affect?

The space element – How do you set up physical space according to the theme or content of the event? How do you ensure you have enough pauses for reflection? What questions do you use to ensure there is just enough space?

What does a good process design look like when all 5 elements are integrated, balanced and paced for maximum impact?

Course Content

The first hour synthesizes the theory and offers five elements of this facilitation design model. We then focus on each design element. The last hour summarizes so you can see how it looks when layered and integrated into your own examples


Resources are offered; PDF workbook, replicable templates for practice, audio/visual support, and access to previous recordings of virtual course.

Activate multiple intelligences with audio, visual, print materials, discussions, personal reflections and fun.

Balance individual, small group and whole group experiences.