About North Star


Facilitating Big Picture Thinking For A More Thoughtful World

North Star Facilitators is a Portland, Oregon metro based company thaabout North Start works with organizations that need an outside neutral party to help them think and work more effectively together. We also train and mentor groups and individuals to develop facilitation, leadership and cultural competency skills.

We help transform organizations and communities in all sectors through:

  • results-focused strategic planning and implementation
  • cultural competency skill-building
  • team motivation and skill-building
  • consensus and/or conflict transformation
  • decision-making and problem-solving
  • program and project planning and /or evaluation
  • development training and coaching for evolving leaders and facilitators

You want your organization and teams to adapt and work through complex change so they can continue to be mission focused and serve their clients well. North Star Facilitators helps you do this by bringing together the right people, asking them thoughtful questions and guiding them with processes that help them break down complex issues into simple, manageable chunks.

We guide groups to learn and heal from the past, honor current strengths and diversity, gather courage, work strategically and implement practical, motivating goals. We follow-up with clients to ensure they are able to achieve long term, positive changes and impact.

We have a special passion for allowing every voice to be heard, especially the voices of the “under-heard”. When we do this, the consequence is that together, we become so much more powerful.