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Eugenia Wang

Eugenia Wang

I love helping passion-driven entrepreneurs create successful businesses without sacrificing their values or integrity. I believe that authenticity and courage are powerful catalysts for creating abundant businesses which reflect one’s unique gifts and deliver true value and transformative results for clients. We no longer have to accept the belief that sharing the passions and gifts you have been blessed with means taking a vow of poverty.  It simply doesn’t have to be that way. Leading a business from the heart is not only possible, it can also be profitable and sustainable.

The commitment to staying aligned with my values and beliefs has been a wild (and unpredictable) and transformational journey that includes many successes, failures, celebrations, as well as some deeply painful moments. Along the way, I’ve gathered a deep and rich set of skills, experiences, stories, and tools from diverse fields of international development, progressive philanthropy, leadership development, social justice activism, collaborative strategic planning, and intercultural communication. The insights from these different perspectives are incredible resources that have helped me to shift my own, as well my clients’, life and businesses in dramatic ways.

It’s also led me to where I am today, a multi-preneur, with businesses that I love and which sustain me.  They also allow me the freedom (and privilege) of working as well as being an active volunteer in the refugee and immigrant community here in Vancouer.  I feel deep gratitude for this.

604-755-3426 Vancouver, B.C.