Mentee Interview & Testimonial

Lilian Wang, Certified Professional Facilitator and Executive Coach, Hong Kong


Lilian-WangWhat did you did in the business before you started working together with Barbara and how have they shifted and changed?

Before I worked with Barbara, I was mainly working on one-off facilitation projects, which lasted for a few hours or maximum a day.  The topics were mainly around planning and team dialogue. With Barbara’s support, I felt more confident to reach out for more challenging facilitation projects.  I have since facilitated more complex interventions, such as strategic planning, staff engagement and leadership team development that involved a wide range of stakeholders and multiple day/ session design.

What types of help or support has Barbara given?

Barbara has been a great resource for me and she supports me in so many different ways and levels. During the mentoring call, she would guide me to design and visualize the interventions, probe me to understand the deeper human dynamics in groups, and share with me creative ideas as well as frameworks that make the facilitation more lively and engaging.  She also stretches my thinking and capabilities through challenging my assumptions and approaches, and at the same time, instilling positive energy and confidence in my work.  I always feel a sense of clarity and hopefulness after each call with Barbara.

Her support doesn’t end with the coaching call.  Barbara’s web site offers great resources – her learning modules are very practical and easy to reference.  I found myself continuing the learning through the modules as well as reading her newsletter.

What has been surprising or delightful?

What surprised me most is how well we connected across thousands miles and how much Barbara understands my challenges and my client situation with very limited time and information provided.  I think this is not only due to her rich experience, but also her passion in facilitation and people.

What insights have you gained about yourself and as a facilitator?

I see Barbara as my role model – I am inspired by her presence, generosity and kindness to contribute more in growing public awareness of facilitation.  I am always impressed with her rich experience, thorough thought processes and sensitivity for group dynamics.  Since working with her, I have set higher standard for myself.  Barbara shows me the way and support me on this learning journey.

What do you like best about how and what Barbara coaches/mentors you on?

Her questions and her input – they open up different perspectives and possibilities for the interventions.  In a way they also widen my thinking and take my practice to the next level.


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