Marem Flores

MaremMaria Remedios “Marem” Flores is passionate about the causes she is involved in, and her specialties are in non-profit/NGO program management, community engagement, fundraising and grant writing, international crosscultural facilitation, and training and development. She matches this passion with lifelong personal and professional development. Her Bachelor’s Degree from the Ateneo de Manila University is in Psychology and she also completed a Certificate in Nonprofit Development from the Institute of Nonprofit Development of Portland State University.

Marem recently worked with the Oregon Employment Department as part of a team that monitored the pulse of the economy, brought workers and employers together, and stabilized communities during periods of economic downturns. Her responsibilities included designing and conducting focused interviews and facilitating connections to career, training, and community and non-profit resources.

Before moving to Oregon with her family, Marem was based in the Philippines as the In-Country Manager for Australian Business Volunteers (ABV), a non-profit international development agency based in Canberra. Marem spearheaded the development and implementation of the Country Strategy which outlined a targeted approach aimed at reducing poverty through capacity building and skills exchange. She developed and maintained contacts with Australian Aid for International Development and strengthened partnerships with donors, international and local volunteer organizations, government agencies, business and educational institutions and non-profits. She also worked with other project managers from Cambodia, East Timor, Fiji, Indonesia, Laos, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Marem has attended trainings and conferences in the Philippines, Australia, Canada, and various US cities. She is trained in Participatory Strategic Planning, Visual Stream Mapping and Lean Systems, Facilitating Multi-Cultural/Multi-Lingual Groups, Nonviolent Communications Method, Group Facilitation Methods using the Technology of Participation, and Open Space Technology. She has been certified by Language Line University as achieving the Educated Professional Level in the Tagalog Language.

Marem is also an active volunteer in her community. She was nominated, together with her daughters, as Volunteer of the Year for the City of Tualatin, Oregon. She regularly organizes classical music outreach concerts and has voluntarily facilitated training sessions for non-profits in Oregon and the Philippines.

She can be contacted at