Mari Mizobe Chu

Mari2012I am passionate about co-constructing socially just, peaceful communities that support individuals and groups to realize holistic wellness. I do my best at every moment of every day, in each of my relationships, to bring my heart and mind fully. Peace, to me, happens when I practice authenticity and empathy towards others and myself. It happens at the broadest societal level as well as in our most routine daily interactions.

I was born in Japan to multiethnic parents. I left my birth country at age five and have since lived in Hawaii, Singapore, Hong Kong, the US and now call Canada home. Such early multicultural experiences as a young child made me acutely aware of the complexities of difference, and I bring these perspectives into my work today. I currently teach at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I am also an online dialogue facilitator, coach and trainer for Soliya, a United Nations partner organization that seeks to build understanding between “predominantly Muslim” and “Western” societies, and to empower youths to become positive change agents around the world.

I have a MA in Conflict Resolution. My expertise includes intergroup dialogue, anti-oppression, critical pedagogy, and multicultural education. I would love to get to know you! Please feel free to reach me at