Meetings That Rock – Essentials

Essentials in a nutshell…

Why: Know the art and science of basic meeting tools and techniques. Know when and who to apply them with. Dig deeper to understand the why and how of current best meeting practices in the four areas of respectful discussions; keeping meetings timely and focused; using creative consensus and other techniques for generating innovative ideas and solutions; apply key tools to ensure decisions, results and action by the end of your meeting.

Who: Facilitator Journey Stages 3-6*. Those leading meetings for several years and need more skill-building and tools to make them more engaging and productive. Keenly interested in honouring diversity in the room.

Time: 12-15 hours. If you do all exercises and read all the handouts, it may take more time. Recommend covering material over 1-4 months.

Format: 20+, 5-20 minute image rich succinct online videos, 30+ attractive colourful PDF handouts, 4 guided visualization audio summaries – sample templates, practice exercises, self – reflection sheets, FAQ’s, self-assessments, quizzes, resource list and Facebook support group. Additional neuroscience based memory retention exercises (many different ones from Meeting That Rock Light) to cement long term learning. Certificate of completion available at end of course.

Cost: Discounted to $299 USD!

Watch an overview of this course: