Meetings That Rock

Well run meetings are THE key to getting your teams to solve problems, make great decisions, provide essential feedback, learn and grow together. The TRUE purpose of meetings is to help your teams get their jobs done more easily with higher rates of success.

Do your meetings do this?


When you train yourself and other leaders in your organization on truly effective meeting management techniques you will gain these benefits:

  • Teams that are energized, focused, aligned, and forward-looking
  • Timely, well thought out decisions
  • Respectful, supportive communication and action

The Meetings that Rock series is designed to give you these benefits. We have two levels – both will help you and other organizational leaders hit the road running!

What Do You Need?

Do you have any of these needs or situations?

  • new managers or leaders who need to learn quickly how to channel the energy of their teams?
  • efficient team discussions?
  • teams that will support you as their leader?
  • unresolved disruptive behavior in team meetings?
  • unprepared team members at meetings wasting everyone’s time including their own?
  • decisions that are made that no one has really agreed to or thought out carefully?
  • excessive meetings with the wrong people, too many irrelevant topics and that take too long?

Our Solution

  • A really short incredibly good value interactive self-directed course to get you started: MEETINGS THAT ROCK LIGHT. Learn more here!
  • A medium length course that builds on the concepts of the first course but adds a lot more competency as a leader who runs a lot of meetings. MEETINGS THAT ROCK ESSENTIALS. Learn more here!

 Your Workshop Guide

Barbara MacKay, CPF®, CTF®, MS has been facilitating since 1981. She is a dual citizen, having spent most of her life in Canada and then in 2002, immigrated to Northwest USA. She founded her facilitation business in 1995. She has designed and led thousands of facilitated meetings, conferences and workshops all over the world. Barbara is also a certified assessor with the International Association of Facilitators and with the USA Technology of Participation (ToP®) Group.  She has certified facilitators from five continents. Barbara offers multiple courses in facilitation skills and has spent the last 22 years researching and practicing a variety of tools and approaches. She blogs extensively about facilitation on her website and has published over 45 lengthy articles on facilitation skills. Her core work is based in the Technology of Participation (ToP®) approach and this is supplemented with a rich infusion of accelerated learning techniques (the neuroscience of learning), cross cultural and non-violent communication methodologies.

Barbara has a playful sense of humor and has been described as having a calm, wise, authentic presence. Barbara has been a presenter at the International Association of Facilitators’ (IAF) conferences for the last 15 years in North America, 1-4 times each in Europe, APAC region  and Australia.  She is currently mentoring many younger and diverse colleagues in North America and Asia.  She is passionate about diversifying and globalizing facilitation competency.  Barbara has a strong meditation and yoga practice and in her spare time gardens, has global colleagues over to her house, and thinks about facilitation!  Learn more about Barbara at