Clients: Who We Work With

Clients: Who We Work With

Not-for-Profit Agencies that are: focused on social justice and environmental issues; practice giving everyone a voice; and, strive for creative, balanced lives for their employees and volunteers.

Educational Institutions who are: creative; willing to risk big changes; focused on developing leaders; interested in becoming more collaborative; and continually reaching for best practices in learning.

Corporations who are interested in: developing leaders throughout the company; results and growth; direct, fun, focused meetings; work-life balance for all employees; and, collaborative, idea-sharing where all roles in the corporation are seen as valuable.

Government Agencies that are: focused on providing unique programs and services to their clients; and involved with professional development programs, culture change or social service missions.

Health Organizations who are: developing collaborative or learning cultures; striving for research-based practices; and open to creative, new balanced approaches to health care.

Unions who are: trying to move from adversarial to collaborative approaches; focused on making a difference in workers’ lives; and interested in helping young people and others who are typically overlooked for leadership positions become facilitative leaders.