Culture Change

Organizations are looking not only to survive but thrive. We live in a global economy where markets and social conditions change dramatically from year to year. Given these conditions, organizations of all sizes need to redefine who they are, determine the appropriate style of leadership, and reevaluate who they serve and why they do what they do. You know you need a culture change when the usual way of doing things is not working anymore.

An organization needs to be very careful and intentional about undergoing large scale change. An outside neutral party can help you do an organizational assessment, decide what specific changes you are aiming for, and work with you to create a respectful process and schedule for undertaking the change in manageable chunks.

A few examples of culture change that we have accomplished with clients include:

  • A community that became more self sufficient and less reliant on government funding
  • A school division that became more collaborative in its leadership style
  • Corporate managers that became more accountable and inspirational leaders
  • An education department that made the shift from a hierarchical top-down structure to a collaborative learning organization

Typically culture change requires large group interventions, significant pre-planning, visionary leadership, and the willingness to take risks. If you are a visionary leader and know the “command and control” style of leadership is not relevant or appreciated in making the desired culture change, please consider talking to us about the tremendous possibilities that a culture change could create for you.