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Facilitator Tools Modules

Rather than take a one to five day training course that may not meet all your needs, save yourself significant angst, time and money by getting exactly what you know you need! Click on any icon below to find the Tools Modules that relate to the broader “app button”.  Different modules address either basic or more advanced skills.

Each of our Facilitator Tools Modules is an instant download PDF format. The shorter 8 to 18 page modules ($10.95-$18.95) have a single focus, include step-by-step instructions to help you build a specific facilitator competency and usually provide one to three tools to explore. The longer 25-35 page ($29.95) modules focus  on a broader topic and include theory, multiple tools, multiple practice /reflection exercises. They are really a mini-self-paced course. Over the next year, we will build mini videos to complement both short and longe modules.  Check back regularly!

Our new formatting is based on our love of nature and color. We have not quite finished the new formatting for all modules so please be patient. We  hope you’ll like the beautiful photographs, taken around the world by Barbara MacKay, Ben Marcus and Michael Chu. The photos and color are meant to serve several purposes:

· As metaphors for the topic. Look at the photo. Allow your right brain to  “play”  mentally with the image. You will find something in the photo that inspires you about this topic. For example, an elephant chewing away at a tree may remind you that a large amount of effort or intervention is needed to “digest” whatever the group is handling.

· As “brain breaks”. Marem Flores, reminded me they give the brain a rest. In neuroscience, this is important to allow the information to tickle from the neocortex,  (short term memory) into the limbic brain (long term memory).

· As a reminder to connect to the natural elements – earth, water, fire, air and space. These elements form the basis of all great design. Thus allowing us to better design for our clients’ needs.. We hope to strengthen your own passion for nurturing the planet.

These individual modules are highly recommended for those who:

  • Need supplemental training materials to add content & depth to existing curriculum (please pay group rate if using it for training others)
  • Do not have easy access to in-person professional facilitator training
  • Need or desire to learn a specific facilitation tool or competency
  • Need immediate assistance for a job or meeting that is coming up in the short term
  • Prefer to work at their own pace and enjoy self-directed learning
  • Have a limited budget for professional and curriculum development

If you intend to use this material for training others, please honor our request to pay the multiple user pricing. Please click here for pricing.