Diversity Awareness & Cultural Competency Training

Diversity Awareness & Cultural Competency Training

When Cultural Competency Training is done well, powerful levels of trust and connection result. A nurturing environment where no one group is blamed for any set of hurts and mistreatments to another group, sets the stage for creating partnerships and alliances that lead to rectifying social injustices. In cultural competency skill-building and awareness sessions, participants go far beyond team-building to understand the powerful connection we have with every human being. Participants also begin to understand how everyone, regardless of age, race or ability has been affected by one or more of the institutional oppressions such as “racism”, anti-Semitism, sexism, classism, ageism, ableism, heterosexism, mental health oppression.

When people understand and skillfully use the power of diversity, they begin to become culturally competent. Cultural competency is an ongoing, evolving process. It begins with a strong presence of culturally diverse individuals with the capacity, attitudes, skills and expertise to promote equity, diversity and inclusion. It requires a constant appreciation of diversity, the ability to stay present in stressful circumstances and a never-ending eagerness for improvement. Cultural competency begins at the individual level but quickly begins to infuse at the organizational and societal level if nurtured. North Star Facilitators is deeply committed to finding the best ways to increase the cultural competency of individuals, organizations and society.

Cross Cultural

Cultural diversity encompasses many things including differences in values, beliefs, behaviors, nationality, ethnicity, gender, age, physical characteristics and abilities, sexual orientation, economic status, education, profession, and religion. There are many benefits to an organization that becomes culturally competent such as:

  • Surfaces new perspectives in the organization
  • Reduces unhelpful behavior such as offensive remarks and actions
  • Reduces blame towards a specific group or person(s)
  • Helps the group take risks
  • Cultivates organizational creativity and learning
  • Deepens connections and improves communication between employees
  • Unleashes enormous energy to collaborate and partner for ending all forms of oppression.

North Star Facilitators partners with Luna Jiménez Seminars & Associates (LJS) to provide cultural competency training. LJS is a nationally and internationally known organization that offers customized training to help organizations and communities heal from the effects of oppression and unleash initiative. “Transformational Communication – Building Relationships for Authentic Cross Cultural Alliances” and “We are the Leaders We Have Been Waiting For” are two of Luna Jiménez Seminars & Associates most popular programs. Click here to learn more about these seminars.