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Dynamic Presentation Skills

Dynamic Presentation Skills

North Star Facilitators offers training in presentation skills designed to help leaders speak more effectively and dynamically in a variety of settings. This course will show you how to plan, develop and practice both impromptu speaking and informative presentations. Leaders gain confidence speaking in front of small and mid-sized audiences.

We custom tailor each training session to your needs but common components include:

  • Motivating your audience and gaining their attention
  • Basic speech structure including powerful ways to open and close your speech
  • Tips for off-the cuff speaking
  • Planning, organizing and preparing presentations
  • Dealing with resistant audiences
  • Handling questions
  • Coping with jitters
  • Do’s and don’ts of PowerPoint presentations

Leaders who complete this course will have a stronger ability to manage anxiety, speak coherently at a moment’s notice, and increase the likelihood of gaining buy-in from their audience.