Mapping The Organizational Journey – Tools for Organizational Transformation

Offered as an in-house course and occasionally as a public course in Oregon; includes large chart for post-course use in your organization

Early Bird Cost (3 weeks in advance of course) is $325/person

Course Description:

This learning lab introduces the Organizational Journey Map and explores the transition in an organization from one “phase” to another. This course shows how to engage a whole organization in diagnosing its patterns of behavior and creating strategies to become a learning organization. Course includes poster version of the Organizational Journey Map.


After talking this one day learning lab you will be able to:

  • Recognize alignment and dissonance in an organization
  • Map the vision and reveal alignments and differences
  • Plot an organization’s journey through phases of change
  • Put an organization’s invisible struggles in a way that they can be understood
  • Learn how to tell when an organization is ready to make a large change, and how to precipitate and sustain that change

Who should take this course?

Executives and organizational leaders who depend on others for successful implementation of change strategies: senior administrators, facilitators, trainers, managers, team leaders, consultants, board members, policy analysts, educators, human resource professionals, community leaders, and anyone responsible for design or implementation related to change efforts in organizations


Group Facilitation Methods is highly recommended but not required.