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Personal Strategic Planning

Personal Strategic Planning

Personal strategic planning is a multi-dimensional way of thinking about what you want in life and how to obtain it in an effective and fun way. Personal strategic planning is ideal for anyone looking to create a rewarding life of their own design such as:

  • Young professionals trying to establish a rewarding career
  • People who have had a successful career but want to find a personally rewarding way to give back to the community
  • Entrepreneurs trying to build a successful business
  • Anyone trying to make a transition from one career path to another
  • Anyone trying to balance their professional life and personal life

There are many benefits to a personal strategic plan. It becomes easy to prioritize day to day activities because you know what you need to do to achieve your goals. You are less likely to become daunted by obstacles because you have already identified them and how to get around them. You have a deep sense of purpose and motivation; a more positive outlook on life and sense of control.

North Star Facilitators uses a process that includes six planning steps. We work with both individuals and small groups. We find the greatest success is created when small groups of business owners, friends, or family members each work on their own personal work-life plan and support one another as they go. The process typically takes six half day sessions. Individual virtual coaching by phone and web is also available.