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“I was looking for some fresh ideas for a workshop I’ve been asked to lead for 200 women in a philanthropic organization that I belong to, and your website was near the top. Thanks again for contributing to the professionalism of this work.” – J.S., New York

Module-sample-4Learn from an experienced facilitator exactly how to use a specific tool or method, saving you angst, time and money.  I share my experience of using these tools around the globe over the last 20 years.  I want you to be successful the first time you use these skills. I tell you what props you need, give you the templates we use, explain how to introduce and debrief the activity and include images and resources to make it easy to understand. This is your one stop shop for the what, why and how-to of some of the most brilliant facilitator tools you can find on the market.

Each of our Facilitator Tools Modules is an instant download PDF format. The shorter modules ($10.95-$18.95) have a single focus, include step-by-step instructions to help you build a specific facilitator competency and usually provide one to three tools to explore. The longer modules ($29.95) focus  on a broader topic and include theory, multiple tools, multiple practice/ reflection exercises. Consider them a mini-self-paced course.

Our new formatting is based on our love of nature and color. The photos are meant to serve as metaphors that inspire you about this topic, give the brain a rest, and remind you to connect to the natural elements which form the basis of all great design.

Each module purchase is for 1 user.  If you intend to use this material for training others, please enter the number of users at checkout.  To see our multiple user pricing, please click here.

Meet Author, Barbara MacKay

“Let me say how much I appreciate the resources you have available. Your modules are my main ‘go-to’ source when I have a just-in-time need for ideas and specific tools, techniques & methods. The way the content is chunked works perfectly when I need to quickly fill in a gap and, with my foundation from face-to-face facilitation trainings, I am able to easily use and/or modify the ideas right away because of your clear writing and content presentation! What a huge time-saver for me!” S.S., South Carolina

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