Learning Modules by Competency

The International Association of Facilitator’s (IAF) has identified 6 foundational areas of competency.  What are your strengths and gaps in these competencies? Below you will find more than 40 Facilitator Learning Modules for purchase organized by competency to help you with certification or to brush up your skills!

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Create Collaborative Client Relationships

  • Are You Asking Great Questions? 100+ Questions That Get Great Results
  • Assessing Simple to Complex Client Needs
  • Facilitator Follow-up: Why It Is Critical and How to Do It
  • Culture Change: Building Collaborative Organizations
  • Contracting With Clients: Ensuring Success for Them and You
  • Results: Documenting Them
  • Mega Facilitation: Facilitating Conferences and Other Large Events

Plan Appropriate Group Processes

  • Too Many Problems to Solve: Master Complex Facilitation
  • Designing Productive Meetings – Agendas That Work Like Magic
  • Creativity and Innovation: The Art of Group “Innovative Think”
  • Delighted Meeting Participants: Five Way to Do This
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Making Meetings Work

Create and Sustain a Participatory Environment

  • Learning the Art and Science of Engagement: Just Say No to Energy Draining Meetings
  • Energizers: The Why and How of Five Favorites
  • Groups in Conflict: Tools and Tips to Get You Through It
  • Difficult Behaviors: Working with Reluctant, Hesitant or Dominant Participants
  • Three S’s for Peak Team Performance: Story, Song, Symbol Workshop
  • Creativity Capture Ideas: Mind Mapping Made Easy
  • Open the Door to Cultural Competency
  • Looking Back to Move Forward: The Most Amazing Retrospective Tool We Know!
  • Getting Out of the Blame Game: Moving Towards Reconciliation
  • When Trust is Lost: Moving From Suspicion to Cooperation
  • Designing for Diversity: Dialogue in Multi-Cultural Settings

Guide Groups to Appropriate & Useful Outcomes

  • The Complete (Abbreviated) Guide to Consensus
  • Consensus Decisions: Kaner’s Gradients of Agreement Scale
  • Effective Consensus Building: Five Techniques
  • The Four Phases of Organizational Change: Acknowledging the Emotions & Easing the Transition
  • Beyond Surface Issues: Helping Groups Dig Deep
  • Graphic Facilitation Techniques for Non-Artists
  • Leading Focused & Productive Discussions – Facilitator Tools for Sharing Ideas in Meetings
  • Getting Better at Everyday Conversations: A Facilitator’s Tip for Authentic Relationship Building
  • Six Great Visioning Tools
  • Group Decision Making: Decision Grid and Multi-Voting
  • Facilitating Decisions and Actions

Build & Maintain Professional Knowledge

  • Growing and Enriching Your Facilitation Practice
  • Facilitator Certification (Free)
  • A Tool for Mapping Organizational Development
  • Secrets of Strategic Planning
  • Starting a Facilitation Business
  • Enhancing Your Facilitator Creativity Competency

Model Positive Professional Attitude

  • Value Driven Facilitation: Crafting Personal and Group Values
  • There’s No Such Thing as a Neutral Facilitator: But You Should Still Try
  • The Mindful Facilitator: The Most Important Facilitator Quality You Can Cultivate
  • Boosting Group Morale: 20 Principles to Keeping Spirits High