Team Building

We’ve all heard that phrase “People are our most important asset.” group-3aThey are important because they execute the mission of the organization. When they are taken care of, they speak well of the organization and generate good will toward it. Building trust in a team is fundamental to its success. Recent research has shown that teams that trust each other are 50% more productive than teams that do not.

When team members trust each other:

  • They share Information more readily
  • They identify and solve problems more quickly
  • They are more engaged in their work
  • They use less sick time
  • They keep their agreements and are more self directed
  • They take responsibility for mistakes and monitor progress

Successful organizations have realized the power of teams but don’t always understand the effort and time required to build a high performing team. In this era of increasing emphasis on using technology to communicate, we need to spend more time, not less time developing our work teams. North Star Facilitators has successfully created powerful team building events and follow up activities for many organizations over the last decade.

North Star Facilitators creates lasting change. We offer more than a single “feel good” retreat. We build skills, create action plans and follow up so that work groups continue their journey to becoming high performing teams.

Each trust and team building sessions is custom designed. Generally activities focus on fun, positive, participatory sharing and discovery. The end result is participants who are motivated to work together more productively with specific tools to help them move towards concrete results.

The emphasis in these sessions is celebrating accomplishments, shifting internal unhelpful images and learning tools to build a positive workplace culture and outcomes.

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