The Process of Becoming a Certified Professional Facilitator

Rangineh-certification-3The process for international certification is intended to be a supportive opportunity to learn from your colleagues and demonstrate your competencies by writing, telling and showing them to a neutral group of four assessors. The process follows these steps as follows:

  • Download the process certification overview documents from IAF.
  • Apply to attend a certification event in a location most convenient to you (there are about 6-8 per year around the world)
  • Submit a résumé, a brief description of seven facilitated events you have led in the last three years, a description of related training and a detailed overview of one facilitated event (½ day to several days) you have undertaken in the last three years
  • Submit the initial fee ($250 US)
  • Wait for assessors to review your documents to see if you have been accepted to continue
  • If you are accepted, conduct a telephone or internet interview with one of your assessors who poses as your “mock client”
  • Collect references from the clients of your seven events and certificates of related training you have taken
  • Attend the one day in-person event you have chosen. Expect to be there from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m.
  • On this day, you will be given a 30 minute interview by two assessors; expected to conduct a 30 minute demonstration workshop with your candidate peers, participate in a second follow-up interview after your demonstration and participate in a large group review of the day
  • At the end of the day, you will be told by your two main assessors whether you showed enough evidence of the competencies or not (i.e., Pass or Defer)
  • Whether you pass or are deferred, you will receive a thorough positively written feedback report on how you did on each competency area. If you pass, you receive a certificate of pass. If you are deferred, we invite you back at a small fee to try again at an event of your choosing within three years, subject to space availability.


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