Three Ideas to Help Your Facilitation Blossom


Facilitation training, certification and attending an International Association of Facilitators (IAF) conference are three of the best ways to make your facilitation profession blossom.

In today’s blog, I’ve decided to share photos of my journey to Singapore where I spent four days doing ToP facilitation training, mostly advanced.  Have you considered any of the facilitation training we have to offer? Keep your skills sharp! See our Resource section below.

I’ll also share pics from Kuala Lumpur, where I was an assessor for the IAF certification program. If you are considering certification we have resources for you!

I’m also attending the IAF Asia conference this week and will co-lead a session with my colleague Grace Tan. If you you were unable to attend an IAF conference recently held around the world, I invite you to take a peek. Or, if you’ve never been able to attend an IAF conference, I encourage all in the facilitation profession to try and attend these conferences regularly.  I’ll give you a link to my blog that lists 5 benefits of including these conferences into your professional development plan.

Singapore Delights

These are my photos from Singapore where I spent four days doing ToP Facilitation. The group was sensationally brilliant, asking keen questions, practicing diligently and laughing uproariously. Then I got in 1 day of sightseeing and visiting with long time colleagues whom I admire and deeply respect.

Singapore is known for so many great qualities. Cleanliness, order, safety, four cultures living side by side, love of good food of many kinds, friendliness, and unusual architecture are a few I sense in my limited knowledge of this place. What I love is it’s ingenuity and commitment to serve all its residents, with millions of subsidized housing “flats”.

It is also known for its commitment to green technology and orchids. Did you know that there are are 25,000 known orchid species in the world? I saw a few hundred of them in the Singapore bio domes. Each was stunningly different.

Singapore has a complex and fascinating history as it was once part of Malaysia and now is its own self sufficient and unique but city-sized country. 

Kuala Lumpur Energizes

The IAF certification events in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia have just completed and I’m honored to have been an assessor. Candidates were from China, Hong Kong, Korea and India. Here are some pics with my co-assessor Jerlyn Tang and the candidates. The pool is a welcome relax in our 12 hour assessment days. See the Resource section below for helpful resources if you’re considering certification!

Tomorrow begins the IAF Asia pre-conference, September 4-5 and conference September 6-7, 2019. This is such a beautiful venue with amazing food – every meal has been a six course work of art! Even better are the wonderful colleagues from Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Netherlands, Canada, Hong Kong, and China.

Will you consider joining me at the next IAF conference?


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