Meeting the Impossible Strategic Planning Request

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In this blog, I meet with two esteemed colleagues, Leah Hopton from Vancouver, Canada, and Teck Kwang Loh from Singapore. We discuss the various ways that we’ve approached strategic planning. I introduce the typical ToP Strategic Planning model and talk about where it’s different from most planning frameworks.


Part 1: Strategic Planning Introduction


Part 2: Splitting Strategic Planning into 2 Groups & Times

Leah talks about an unusual situation where the client wants to do the planning with two groups at two different times. And, to make it even more interesting, the client only has one day to meet with both groups. So not only does she have twice the number of people, but half as much time total. Leah talks about how she handles this elegantly, and brings them to some agreement. She also introduces the tool called Personas, which can be very effective in helping understand different stakeholders needs. See more about this tool in the Resource section.


Part 3: Strategic Planning Over Several Months

Teck Kwang talks about how he handles big comprehensive strategic planning jobs when clients don’t have enough time. He spaces things out over several months in smaller segments. And makes sure they stay connected in between sessions. This is a great way to make sure the group gets a very good plan but meets the client’s constraints. This can work really well virtually as well. (Sorry we couldn’t get a thumbnail image of Teck Kwang.)


Part 4: When the Client Requests Their Own Strategic Planning Agenda

We are just wrapping up and Teck Kwang asks me if I’ve ever had a situation where a client asks me to work their set agenda. I (laughing), tell Leah and Teck Kwang what my reaction is and how I end up dealing with it.




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