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In our short video today, we talk about how to make blogging really easy.  Obviously, if you are not a facilitator this will still be of interest if you’ve been thinking about blogging.  However, I am really excited about having more facilitators blog.  Here’s why…

  • More people need to know how facilitation can be used in every single work and personal interaction.  The more we write about using our skills and tools, the more people are likely to learn them and practice them.  That makes for a much more peaceful world!
  • There are actually not very many people that blog about facilitation. So the world needs you!  In particular, if you are specialized in conflict tools, the world really needs you to share your experiences.

The video covers a few basics about how to make it super easy.  In addition, I answer three questions below that a colleagues just shared with me about blogging.  I thank him for those questions.

What do I write about?

Although we talk a little about this in the video, I’d like to share a bit more.  Every time you work with a group, and every time you have a meeting, there is a specific moment that is worth writing about.  Maybe it’s something in the meeting that made everybody laugh.  Maybe it’s something that happened that was just awful and you realized how you could make it better.  And, it’s quite likely something great happened that makes it worth sharing – what you did, why you did it, and how you did it.

How do I bring “me” into my blog?

The “me” we are talking about is your real authentic self.  Not a perfect persona of yourself.  How do colleagues and friends describe you?  If they are complementing you, what do they say?  That’s the “me” that you want to bring into your blog.  That’s why people will read you.  Because your quirky, or realistic, outraged, or compassionate.  Bring that self to your writing.

Is my writing good enough?

A lot of people cannot write very well.  So that is a really important question.  Here are a few things I’ve done to improve my writing.  I’ve taken a one day writing class.  I speak my writing.  I address that in the video but generally I’m a better speaker than a writer.  It sounds more natural.  Use some kind of organizing tool to organize your thoughts like mindmapping or post-it notes. Stick to one topic per blog. Make sure all of your sentences are under 14 words.  Don’t use a lot of jargon.  Hire a writing coach.  The rest you can watch in this 3 minute video.


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